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Keep Thy Heart, Digital Devotional

Keep Thy Heart, Digital Devotional

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"Keep Thy Heart" is a 25 page PDF digital devotional about the purity of the heart! Once purchased, you'll be able to instantly download the devotion to any device.

In this devotional, we will:
+ Define what purity is
+ Discuss why it's not just about our body
+ Study in depth Proverbs 4:23
+ Have real talk about relationships (Including friendships) & more!

Let's stop guessing about what purity is and what God expects of us. Let's know! Simplified concepts and insights that are meant to equip you to be the guard of your own heart. Are you ready for the job?

Purchasing this PDF guide, you'll be able to read it on all digital devices!

Once purchased, you'll be directed to download it right away. 

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