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Give It To God, Girl Audio Book

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This is the "Give It To God, Girl" audio version so you can listen on the go! Perfect for listening in the car, at the store, during work or even house chores. It's an MP3 of Jacy reading her brand new best-selling book "Give It To God, Girl" to you!


About the "Give It To God, Girl" Devotional Book:

“Give It To God, Girl” is a devotional that dives into five topics we have control over and can give to God in exchange for more. Unforgiveness, Perfectionism, Jealousy, Self-Deprecation and Disrespect. This book is a written anthem to anyone who needs that boost to become unstuck. Unstuck from being rude to yourself. Unstuck from harboring unforgiveness. Unstuck from the high expectations of being perfect. To be unstuck is to be released from anything that is keeping you back from the promises of God. It’s to experience true freedom that only can happen when we let go.Written in an easy-to-read format, this book brings us truths we don’t normally talk about as believers. God is not only a Giver, but a willing Receiver of our messy sins. The same Creator of the stars wants relationship with us, and is ready to take away anything we’re willing to give up. The question is: are we ready to give up comfortable sins for something better?

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