We will not be silent. We are still standing. There is hope right now. #thereishoperightnow

Mental health has been a growing topic especially those in Christian circles. Gone are the days when the half-hearted "just pray about it" is enough. While we fully believe in the delivering power of God, His Word and praise...we cannot continue fighting the good fight alone. 

Depression, anxiety, suicide, body dismorphia, eating disorders...the list goes on. Many believers suffer in silence due to shame and fear. Until now. 

We are the voices crying in the wilderness saying "I'm here and there is hope." We are the hands of Jesus, here and now, reaching out to pull others from the fog. It is time we speak up against the devices of the enemy and bring to light our struggles so that they can be defeated. 

#thereishoperightnow is a social media campaign where people share a selfie with the word "hope" on their hands, a story of redemption and/or encouraging words or scriptures and crisis information as a resource for hope. Search the hashtag on Instagram and Facebook to join the movement and connect with us today!

Below you will find resources to help and links to bring you hope. But please remember these important steps: speak to a parent, speak to a trusted spiritual leader, speak to a true friend. Connect with those in your life first if you can. Continue to pray. Continue to study the Word. Continue to be faithful to church. We believe in your deliverance and in the power of your testimony! We believe Jesus can absolutely heal us but that He also equips us with tools and people to bring hope and help in our lives today. 


Text "TALK" to 741-741 to connect with the national Crisis Text Hotline. You can also dial 1-800-273-8255 to reach a 24/7 counselor.


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