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Let's Be Digital Besties, K?

Get 15% OFF when you join the Awesome People List. The Awesome People List is a group of my digital besties that rejoice when I rejoice, as I send once-a-week emails featuring mini devotions, freebies, exclusive shop deals, first peeks into future projects, front line dibs on pre-orders and so much more. I will not spam your inbox (pinky swear!) and everything I send with be geared to encourage

and inspire your heart. Sound good? Pop in your info below & let's connect!

Mini Devotions + Tips
Listen. I'm not a "know-it-all" but I've learned a few things over the years and I love to share the knowledge to help out someone else. This is an example of some of the content whenever I share a mini devotion or tip that only goes to the Awesome People List.
Freebies + Bonuses

Here is a peek at one of the freebies I sent to my digital besties from the Awesome People List! Who doesn't love free stuff? When you sign up, you'll frequently get beautiful printables you can use at home, whimsical phone wallpapers and even exclusive modest fashion coloring pages. 

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