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There is so much power in words. God used just words to create the world and everything in it. Words are important and have meaning. Below is a list of the recent books I've written and created, sharing my testimony and the Biblical principles the Lord taught me through studying His Word. I also illustrated the very first modest fashion coloring book that has easily become my best seller for the last three years straight! I'm honored that God has chosen me to bring forth these products to your heart and I pray they move you to become closer to who He's called you to be.

The Palace Keepers: Protecting the Purity of the Heart brings forth the hush topic of emotional purity. In her debut as an author, Jacy shines the light on the truth about what purity really means, her powerful testimony of deliverance from promiscuity and what the Bible says about waiting for the right one. This book will to help you become the best Palace Keeper for your heart! PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK OR KINDLE BOOK ON AMAZON HERE

Color Me Modest is the only modest fashion coloring book available on the market today! It features original illustrations from Jacy, paired with inspirational quotes. This little but powerful book has been a best-seller for the last three years! You can snag yours right now by clicking the link to our distribution partner, Pentecostal Publishing House or one of our business friends at Inherito Co. 



The Glitter Effect is the latest book by Jacy, centering around the power of influence. Have you ever spilled glitter? It’s almost impossible to get every speck back into the bottle. Our influence is like glitter and our words and actions do matter. This book challenges every believer to push past comfort and grab onto who God has called them to be. PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK OR KINDLE BOOK ON AMAZON HERE