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When we don't "feel" like it.

I was staring at the mountain tops through the hotel window when I felt it. Freedom. After over a year of praying, note scribbling and heartfelt writing, the book I've been dreaming about was finished. Well, at least the first draft of it. But in that moment, when I wrote the last page, it was surreal. I didn't have anymore major things to add. I knew I'd be tweaking grammar and sentences but the overall outline was done. Then what came next surprised me. 

The following week I felt my drive for the book go downhill. It was like I said what needed to be said and the energy for the rest was gone. Was the book ready for print? Not even close! Was the process already over? Nope. Writing the first draft of a book is only part of the equation. Next comes crucial editing, printing and then promoting/marketing it. I knew that if I cradled my emotions, and kept coddling my feelings, the work that God had asked me to do wouldn't get done properly. A few days ago during prayer, I asked the Lord for help. Where was the beautiful anointing I felt during the writing process? Where was that "power" from above? Where was the awareness of His presence as I studied the Word to make sure my thoughts lined up with His?

The thing about obedience is it doesn't require us to feel the anointing or even His presence. Obedience does require us to trust and obey what God is telling us to do regardless of what we feel. I don't have to "feel" anything to do the work. If I continually follow His voice and make sure I'm aligned with Him, then my emotions don't need to validate the work. If I wait until I "feel something", then I'm having confidence in my timing. The messages that God wants us to share to this world won't require us to "feel" and go with the motions. We must stick to the knowledge He has given us. I can still have happiness and joy through the process but they don't control it.

Obedience means to lay down all of our thoughts about how things should be done and just do it the way God wants it to be done. Anointing doesn't require our approval. God doesn't need to check in with us if He wants to give it out. He doesn't need our emotional compass, but if we're willing, then that's something He can work with! We want to feel empowered, but it's in those quiet moments when we do the work anyway regardless of how we feel, that He is glorified the most. God looks at the heart and the motives. It doesn't matter if we feel the anointing or feel good all the time. If we're obedient, that's what matters. We can still seek Him and still love Him without gushy emotions. Sometimes we'll have "all the feels" but we can't count on that to fuel us. Pleasing God should be motivation enough!

With everything in life, we can't act according to how we feel. Our emotions come and go but God's commandments last forever. He has the final say. This world will tell us it's okay to "follow your heart" but the Bible says the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). We must think beyond ourselves and remember God has a purpose for us. He wants to use us to bring others to Him so He can be known and glorified. So let's think about the bigger picture. Do what the Lord has called us to do regardless of what we "feel". Obey Him and do what is right, even if we don't feel like it. It's not really about us anyway.

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