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Spiritual Self-Care

Today I turn 34. Yup, I shared it and have no shame about it. Isn’t it funny when you have a birthday, suddenly you’re so thoughtful about the lessons you’ve learned along the way? I never was bothered about my age and never let it define me. Sure, it reminds me of how many years I’ve been alive but that’s it. Age shouldn’t hold the power to take away your joy. If anything, it should empower you. Why? Because whatever age you are now, you have learned something. Even if it’s only one thing. It matters because that one thing changed your perspective as you moved into the next season of life.

I wanted to share something of value with you today. Now I know it’s “my” day but part of what puts fire in me is using Hello Awesome to ignite fire in you. To encourage you to be the best you have been called to be in Christ, using your influence to bring Him glory and utilizing the talents you have for His Kingdom. A huge part in accomplishing this happens when no one is around. That’s right. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from God this past year is the importance of spiritual self-care.

We all have heard of self-care and maybe enjoy indulging in it for ourselves occasionally. It feels good to do something nice for just us, right? To carve out time for a relaxing day at the salon or a quiet bubble bath complete with a charcoal face mask. Dude, that sounds amazing right now! I would totally love to do that for my self-care, especially on my birthday. Maybe self-care to you is snuggling with a good book under a warm, fuzzy blanket or giving yourself time to work on a hobby or a special project. Whatever self-care looks like for you, there’s a spiritual self-care that no one talk about. This is what the Lord has been showing me.

While physical self-care is amazing, nothing beats spiritual self-care. Prayer and reading the Word are essential tools to building our faith before we should worry about our face. At this point in my life, I have a lot on my plate. I’m a homemaker with a very hard working husband and we live in a cute fixer upper that still needs some work. I also homeschool our sweet boys, ages 6 and (almost) 3, while also running Hello Awesome and authoring my latest book. Just trying to paint you a picture and not expecting sympathy because I absolutely LOVE my life! It is crazy and chaotic but so fun and full of life. It’s incredible I get to do this every single day.

But if I neglect my spiritual self-care routine and do not pray or read the Bible daily, my faith suffers. Thankfulness turns to bitterness. What I usually praise, I complain about. My perspective changes and I no longer have God as my focus. And can I be real honest with you? I’m just tired of the self-inflicting wounds that happen when I don’t take care of my spiritual self. I’ve realized that time is not on my side. The influence I have now is important and how I utilize my resources will affect my family. It will affect the ministry. It will affect my soul.  

So what advice can I give you, now at the age of 34? Invest in spiritual self-care above any other care you can give yourself. Prayer and Bible reading need to be non-negotiable priorities on your to-do list. Operating without them is a dangerous game. We need to nurture our relationship with Jesus more than we nurture our skin or hair or nails. This things will fade someday. But our commitment to God has eternal rewards.

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