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Feature: Young and Saved (Interview & Review)

When I first started reading about Young and Saved (a real, compassionate book about purity for Christian youth), I became excited. Instagram has been an amazing place for me to meet other believers. God is not scared of social media and when used well, it can be a tool to project the gospel and other spiritual truths. That’s exactly what Dane Fragger, author of Young and Saved, is doing. And it’s needed.

I knew I had to reach out to Dane about this book! Society has been led so far by the enemy into believing true love is wrapped up in bed sheets or in physical intimacy, particularly before marriage. Our view has become twisted and perverted. I can’t tell you how excited I was to read through Young and Saved because I saw myself through those pages. It’s raw at times and brutally honest. Something I personally think the church needs more of. We’ve been silent while the world screams. Dane speaks, not only like the youth pastor he is, but as a friend who has been there…done that…and wants to prevent the next saved generation from making the same mistakes when it comes to sexual sin.

Dane includes his detailed testimony with heartfelt conviction. I was hooked from the first chapter titled Socially Awkward when it says “…being socially awkward is normal when you’re saved.” How true is that?! Dane dives into the need for acceptance as a young, saved person. He invites us to embrace being a “reject” or a “misfit” by saying “You must be comfortable being different because being socially awkward and rejected is part of the call.”

All ten chapters are captivating ( I read the entire book in about 2-3 days!) and full of anointed nuggets that will inspire you to stay pure and save yourself for that special someone who God is sending your way. Dane also encourages those who have slipped up as he had done. “…be obedient to God and surrender all because Jesus is your all. There’s a guaranteed return for your sacrifice.”

I wanted to showcase Dane’s heart by asking him questions and then sharing his answers with you. At the end of the interview below, Dane has provided a special link so you can purchase Young and Saved at 40% off! So let’s dive in.

Young and Saved – Dane Fragger Interview  

1.) Briefly describe how you knew God wanted you to write this book?
At 21 years old, I preached a message titled, Young and Saved. From that moment on, I couldn’t stop thinking about how that needed to be a book. Then God placed a desire within my heart to write a book that would educate and empower this generation of young people.

2.) Which chapter was the most personal for you to write?

Chapter 3, Christian Sex Ed was very personal and transparent. This chapter is extremely close to my heart because sex was the main thing that kept me from God. Many other believers shared this struggle as well, therefore I wanted to open up about my experiences and let the world know how God set me free from sexual bondage.

3.) Do you feel having these conversations with young people now is the key to successful marriages in the church?

Yes! Growing up in church you see so many marriages end in divorce, which can be discouraging. This is why we must deal with our internal issues in our youth so that we can be ready for our God selected spouse. Young and Saved will help you prepare for a successful marriage.

4.) What is the core message of “Young & Saved?”

Live for Jesus at all times and never allow people, sin, or the devil to knock you off the path God created for you.

5.) Use three words to encourage a young person in their faith today.

It’s Worth It.

6.) When you were writing the very serious parts of the book, particularly about drugs & alcohol, did you ever feel a little fear about how those hard topics would be received?

Not so much. I felt that these topics were under taught in church and that our young people needed solid crystal clear answers. For this reason, I felt they would enjoy this topic because it answers serious questions with biblical support. It’s one thing to tell a person something is wrong but it’s even more powerful when you can show it in scripture. And that’s the goal of Young and Saved, to provide biblical answers for all of your questions as a Christian.

7.) What is the first thing a teen should do if they’re struggling in their relationship with God?

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what’s keeping you from God? Once you find this out, you’ll have to make a conscious decision to not allow those things to keep you from God anymore. Once those things are removed your relationship with God will grow again.

8.) If you could share one scripture that helped you, which one would it be?

Mark 8:36-37

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? 37 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

This scripture has always put everything in perspective for me. There is a lot to gain in this world but if it takes you away from Jesus, it’s not worth it. Many have exchanged their permanent soul for temporary pleasure.

9.)  Can you please share a little bit of your perspective as a young, Christian man in the church today? What struggles do you see? What victories in our youth?

I see a lot of people struggling to accept the call of God on their life. Many are afraid of fully committing to their God given assignment. We must not let fears, insecurities, or temporary pleasures keep us walking in our purpose. At the same time, there are many unashamed, unafraid and determined young believers preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. This radicalness has been spreading throughout high schools and college campuses across America.

10.) In the book, you talk a lot about what you would have done differently in certain tough situations. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give a young Christian teenager right now?

We must STOP, THINK, and PRAY so that we don’t fall PREY to the devil. Remember our bad decisions do come with consequences. Yes, God is loving and forgiving but that doesn’t mean we can get away with everything. Live this Christian walk in obedience and you’ll find great joy being young and saved.

To learn more about Dane, connect with him through his site, Instagram or Facebook.  

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