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Do the work.

Writing a book is HARD. Just thought you should know in case that thought ever crossed your mind. Pretty recently I was feeling stuck. I had written quite a bit of my new book but I was finding it hard to balance writing with my other responsibilities. Like being a homemaker, homeschooling boy mom of two while also running Hello Awesome. I wasn't feeling overwhelmed, if I'm being honest. It was more frustration. I had taken so many notes of what I wanted to say in the book. The fire for the work was there. I just wasn't being intentional at getting the work done and the fire out into real words.

So I needed to change that. How? Well I set my alarm for 5 am and did the work. There were no magic spells or huge supernatural miracles. There was work to be done, so I made the time and did the work. And I'm still making the time to continue doing the work until the job is finished. It's really that simple! We often want someone to hold our hand through the entire process. And while it's great to have mentors to guide you, it's also up to you to finish what's been started.

Life isn't perfect. There will be jobs that are undone and chaos scattered throughout no matter how diligent we are with our time. We just had a big birthday party at my house this past Saturday, for example. Don't ask me if everything is picked up yet! But here's the truth: if you want to make a difference, you have to do the work. You have to write the words. You have to paint the pictures. You have to use whatever tools God has provided to get the job done and done the way He has guided you to. We need to stop waiting around for people to finish the jobs we've been called to do!

You want to be a writer? Then sit down and write. You want to be an artist? Then sit down and paint. You want to be a soul winner? Then you need to get out of the house and talk to people. Netflix won't completely shut down if you close it for a while. Don't be distracted by the temporary when you have a desire for more. God can use you but you have to make time to be used! He's not going to force you. You have to make a commitment that what He tells you to do, you'll try hard to make time for. I used to wait until inspiration hit before I wrote but that only caused me to be flaky in my work. I'm still learning and growing in how I manage my time. But one thing is for sure: nothing is going to get done is nobody is doing the work. In whatever season I'm in, I hope I remember that. I hope I can remember to make time for the work to get done so that He can be glorified through it.

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