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3 Ways to Pray Over Social Media

Prayer? Over social media? It seems as though these two things shouldn't go together, doesn't it? But here's what God has been showing me. We've become too comfortable with keeping our lives on social media separate from our spiritual life. Maybe not everyone but the majority of us really do struggle figuring out how to navigate this new world of technology, while also living a life of holiness. So I sat down and really thought about this topic. And I started feeling the Lord impress 3 ways we can pray over social media. So let's dive in.


One of the biggest ways we should be praying over social media are about the words we use as we interact with other people or posts. In this modern climate, it has been encouraged to use the written word to tear down, rather than build up. As God’s children, we should ask the Lord to help filter our words so that He might be glorified through whatever we write. You can still have opinions and be bold but not all of it should be said in a comment box or posted for all to see.


“When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee” Proverbs 2:10-11

Not only should we be praying about our words and what to say, but we should try to have wisdom and if we even need say anything at all! Social media sometimes is a shouting match to see who has the loudest voice. You don’t have to engage in every opportunity that presents itself to join the shouts. Tune into His Voice and allow Him to drown out the ones with the wrong messages.


It’s not only words that should be prayed over but the visuals we will see on social media as well. It’s the normal for videos to automatically start or photos to pop-up, without you having to click on anything. So the best way to battle the vision download is prevention and activation. Be careful which pages or accounts you click on that might lead to something unpleasant to the eyes to just come into view. You could prevent something from happening by not engaging in an accounts who have opposite motives than you. Also, be active in your pursuit to close as many digital doors as you can that might lead to ungodly visual content. For example, if you like a post or a page with content that may contradict your walk with God, you are allowing that to influence ads or pop-up content to appear. You are giving them permission to tempt you.

Social media can be a beautiful, evangelistic tool when we use it properly as God’s people. So I challenge you to be aware of what you’re doing and saying daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Just because your account is private or just because you sent a secret direct message, doesn’t mean it’s a secret to the Lord. Use wisdom, use discretion. And if you are still not sure about something…it’s best to not say it or click it.

Do you find it hard to keep a "God-conscience" while browsing social media?

How do you feel this new technology has affected the church?

Comment below your view on the affect social media has on the Christian life and let's start a conversation!

Blessings, Jacy

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