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3 Ways To Be A Dream Chaser

I don’t want to plan goals this year. There, I said it. Part of me knows that planning will help with success but there’s something deep down that is giving me a different message. Not that I won't write down some hopes…things I would like happen and even the dates when it’ll be nice to launch them. I don’t want to go into this new year with a blank slate mixed with confusion but I do want to approach 2019 in a way that allows God to move more than ever before.

While the world shouts about being a “boss” (something I absolutely shout as well), I also want to quietly whisper “Jesus, be the center.” Lord, it’s because of YOU that Hello Awesome has gotten this far. It’s because of YOU that I even have dreams at all. The problem with dreams is we end up chasing them more than the Dream Maker. So while I will have dreams for the new year and I will do my best to manage the time given and plan accordingly…I want to also be flexible, moving when the Spirit says “move” or being still when He says “stop.”

Here are three ways I want to be a Dream Chaser in 2019:

1.) When I hustle, I also want to be humble.

I don't want to be blinded by the work and building a false image of entitlement. I want to work hard, of course, but also keeping in mind that it's because of the Lord that I'm able to have what I have and do what I do. To work with a heart of thanksgiving and a constant mind filled with praise aimed His way.

2.) When I slay, I also want to pray.

No matter how busy life gets, I never want to forget to check in with the Dream Maker. He is the door opener and the opportunity granter. When I am working hard and using the gifts He's given me, I want to make sure to take time to have a little talk with Jesus, so I'm in tune with His plans for my life and business.

3.) When I am being a boss, I also want to be a servant.

To never forget that the people who follow me are fellow brothers and sisters who I've been given the opportunity to serve. When I am working and creating, I must remember the purpose behind it all and become a servant for the Lord. So He will have His way through the gifts I've been blessed with. That this whole thing isn't about numbers or money or fame...but of truth, fulfilling needs that benefit the kingdom and give God the glory in the end.

All of this is my motto for 2019. Not pushed into one word. I want to compliment hard work with spiritual obedience. Not to leap into the deep without a clue but to trust that God is already in the future, weaving a net of security and truth. No more empty promises to myself just so my ego won’t get bruised. No more fear of what people may think of this unique calling that God gave me. He has given so much confirmation that I am where I need to be. So I will walk in it and trust that He has already made a way. Want to become a Dream Chaser? Then first know who the Dream Maker is and listen to His voice. You will not only gain clarity but perspective and will be provided with all you need to see the Dream become a Reality.

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